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A Little More about Tasha 


How it all started..

My creative journey started with my son, as cliche as that sounds.  I started as Mom tog and wanted better photos of my son . It  started out by  sending photos  to our family each day. I know that sounds like alot of work , but it was a fun way for us to keep our family involved with Nash.  We lived 7 to 9 hours away from our family so this was an easy way  for everyone to keep up on the latest. As well as to see his milestones along the way with us. 

Now we want to share the joy in your pictures and be able for you to cherish for eternity. 

We would love to get to know you and work with you. 

Get to know us 


              Our Story

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Getting to know us is a huge part of our experience especially since you are letting us into your big days, senior years and families. 

We are going to take you back to our college years. This is where our story begins.  Shelden and I met at the University of South Dakota. I always like to say Shelden hated me and he will tell you I hated him .But we didn't hate each other. We just didn't get the chance to sit down and get to know one another.In the end we ended up together after being best friends for years ; it was a very natural progression in our relationship. Being best friends with your significant other is key.  

Shelden and I are the team behind T imijiri. 

Meet our little 




Computer tech, second shooter , car and lanscape conesuer



Dreamer,Lead Photographer, 



Our Chubby cheeked 6 year old, loves all things outdoors, Mario, Sonic, scooter rides, anything worth an adventure. Always our first model and willing to try out any new idea.


My Favorites

Like anyone I have lots of favorite things I obsess over. My most favorite of all is my family.  Nash brings so much light to our world and Shelden helps keep me sane and going each day. 

My Parents, I couldn't do life without you!

My Mom for always believing that you can always make any of your dreams comes true. And for the unconditional never ending love, passion, patience for her family. Even as she made her way to heaven 5 years ago, 

My Sisters and nieces who keep me laughing. 

Family is so important to us which is why we cherish every photo that we take with our loved ones.

Hear more from me 

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