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Goals for 2020

I know what your thinking, oh great here we go again with unrealistic new year goals. Shes probably saying she going to work out every day or something as a mom is somewhat unattainable. However, this is far from that; I try to set realistic goals for my year, ones that I maybe weren't so great at in the past but what to be better at. Cause Mom life is harder and its even harder when you have a full time job and run a photography business; who's with me on those hustles. So here goes nothing.

I love starting a new year with a new set of goals and if you guessed it, a new planner too. There is something so refreshing about a new year, its almost as if the slate has been wiped clean and you get a fresh start at a whole new year.

I'm not going to sugar coat it this past year was hard for me, I found myself at times very sad as my mother passed away December 27th, 2018. As well as Challenging to navigate a world without her.

My goals for 2020 are to strive for the best that I can be. I love seeing when others set a word of the year or something to strive to throughout that year. My word of the year for 2020 is patience. Patience in being as best that I can be with myself as I make adjustments in my life for a new normal. Patience with my family, having a 2.5 year old can really test your patience. Life is not easy sometimes and sometimes it throws you for a real loop. My mom was the most Patient person on the planet and I always strive for the amount of Patience she had for everyone and everything.

I always say, God only gives you as much as you can handle. Truly, I feel that has been tested for me. As at times I couldn't handle not being able to pick up the phone and call my mom or get a hug from her. That's something you get used to and long for when you're away from home and after 28 years in this life I obviously long for those days. I keep pushing myself and know that my mom would want me to strive for my goals and to always be Patient with myself and everyone.

Some of my goals are: Some may seem silly, but everyone needs to make time for themselves and family.

1. To do more for myself, not trying to sound selfish but in this case what I mean is finally going to get the massage I have a gift card for. Maybe taking a 20 minutes shower instead of a 5 because I am in such a hurry. I'm a mom and being a mom is tough sometimes and you need to take time for yourself to feel like your own person.

2. Go on more date nights ( We don't hardly make enough time for nights out). We love our kiddo, but you have to keep dating your significant other. Especially when you have a kiddo, you can get lost in the things of everyday life.

3. Plan a family outing- I don't mean going somewhere in our town. I mean going at least a few hours away if its to the zoo or to sky zone. I want to make more time to get out of town to do more things that we don't have in our town.

4. After spending 3 months in a boot, I am super excited to put more time into my health. I typically work out frequently. So I want to kick it back into high gear. I know this sounds like standard new years goal, but for me this is realistic. I am an athlete and I enjoy working out, so being stuck in a boot for several months has been very hard.

5. Business wise- My goals are to serve my people more- I love you guys . We are expanding, to add more services to our portfolio. You'll have to keep checking back to see what we are up to.

6. Tracking my time more- I have a tendency to try to organize my time as much as I can

7. Don't over stretch myself- I try to do everything and I am very stubborn about it. I typically refuse to ask for help even from Shelden; I will try to do it all and pretend its not overwhelming me. So I want to try to ask for help when I need it.

If you made it this far, Thank you stopping by my corner and for supporting us in our venture.

What are some of your goals? Drop your goals below in the comment, I'd love to hear them.




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