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Ya'll I love a lot of things but There are some things I really love. Photography is one of my favorite things to do, but I have more that I love. And I have been asked where I find them. Since we are just around Christmas, Below are some of my faves.

1. First off Scarves. I love scarves no matter the season but if I was lucky I would have fall weather year round.

But I find so many of my scarves on Amazon, trust me I loveeeee Amazon. I have found many good finds on Amazon. I know what your going to say, that i shouldn't always trust clothes on Amazon. But if you look at the reviews you can find some really awesome items. I get asked often about my scarves, and how I style them too. My biggest advise is I double wrap my scarves, so when I purchase a scarf I do so based on looks as well as size. The scarf itself must be large enough for me to be able to wrap my scarf the way I like to, when laid out it must be the size of a square. This is how I get the layering effect.

2.I also love painting, now there is no place for you to buy the paintings I do as I keep them in my private collection around my home. Occasionally, I gift my friends and family a painting. You can always follow along to check out my newest additions. However I love a good canvas and acrylic paints . I find that Masters touch has the best canvas and.

I usually pick these up from Hobby Lobby as I usually have an itch to get them done.

Now I love hobby Lobby to but I know I am not in the my own there. I'm sure you reading this also loves Hobby Lobby as much as I do. We stand together girlfriend, no judgement here!

3. I get asked this all of the time, what planner I use. I try to stay very organized and I love a good planner; Currently my favorites has been the 605 Happy Planner. I love that you can insert pages or take out, you can

add extensions if necessary. And they have so many good Mom ones that are here to help Cheer on us moms, because Mommin aint easy. I usually snag mine up at Hobby Lobby too, since they always have a 40% off coupon or at the beginning of the school year when they are 50 % off.

4. I also love the color green and purple. I am a softy for blue too if you have seen across my site, in shades of blue. But I long for a emerald green and a deep plum.

5. I love Decorating, I wouldn't call my self a professional but more a self proclaimed decorator. I pride myself in our simple, bright colors in our home with a very modern take. We are currently renovating our kitchen, if you would like to follow along with our project I occasionally post an update on my blog and my Instagram. check out our Instagram to keep up to date our what is going on.

6. Lastly, but most important I absolutely love my family. They keep me going when days are tough and I know I can always count on them. They are my absolute favorite thing on this planet.

I hope you loved getting to know me a little bit more as I love to get to know each of you. If you are a future client, I cannot wait to get to know you.



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