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Turning 30

Honestly turning 30 has scared me alot, I felt like I was leaving behind so much by turning 30. The biggest fear of turning 30 for me; is that I have had so many great memories in my 20s and met so many amazing people during this decade. The love of my life was met in my 20s, actually a decade ago, and my second love, Nash came into my life halfway through the twenties. That decade has had some amazing moments and some really hard moments too. My mom passed away when I was 27, which has made for some challenging and sad moments in my life. I know she would be happy that I made it out of 20s and that I will miss her forever. I am leaving my 20s with my four year old and my soon to be husband in tow, a bit more wiser, grateful and forever loved.

Year 30 is to getting married, finally!! Making more memories with Nash and Shelden and having the best dang decade I have experienced thus far.

So here are some things that I have learned being in my 20s at least for another day.

  1. Not everything is going to go exactly how you planned. I mean, you are experiencing the world all on your own for the first time. You probably moved into your first apartment in your 20's and are going to make some really bad decisions. Heck who hasn't, but the one thing to remember. Everyone has made bad decisions. And if they say they haven't, I bet there is something they aren't telling you.

  2. Be as carefree as you possibly can. I know everyone thinks that growing up is all grand, but it is not what its all cracked up to be. Make sure to enjoy that carefree time as much as possible, yes drink that second maybe third, fourth or the whole bottle of wine. It's ok. Enjoy the impossible amounts of free time while you can. Time gets away from everyone and you won't have as much free time as you once did. Work, family, life starts to set in and all of the free time that you once had, just talking to your best friend or watching a Netflix series all night; cause you could sleep in the next day (heck I still do that without the sleeping in part).

  3. Make the memories of a lifetime. You will always cherish those memories you made right after high school and if you went to college those memories as well. For myself, I attended the University of South Dakota and honestly made the best friends living in this small little town. This is where I met Shelden

  4. Keep laughing: Life is too short, its better to just laugh through life.

  5. Love and Appreciate your Parents. I know this advise might seem contrived, as in been there and done that, but they wont always be there. Learn from my past. My Mother passed away at age of 50, due to complications from Pancreatic Cancer. I know every day she wishes she was here and I know it sounds cliché to say that she truly was the best. My Mom was truly the best, and one of a kind mom and Nana. She would always give the best advice for any of life's situation, truly such a comfort. My advice is appreciate your parents now, they have done so much for all of us and you don't know what might happen.

I hope at the very least this was a good read and maybe worth a few chuckles. Here's to 30!



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