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Family session at Japanese and Mckennon Park Sioux Falls, South Dakota

This family is so dear to me; I've known Dane since college and he is also one of our best friends. Aside from the fact that he has been friends with Shelden since middle school. He is a rock star and we care very deeply about him and his family. Dane introduced Shelden and myself to his girlfriend, Abby. And we instantly hit it off. Abby is an occupational therapist, and fellow Coyote Alum. Goooo Yotes. And Olivia, gosh this little gal is a spit fire and she will light the world on fire. Our kiddos love to play with each other and its like an automatic built in best friend. Which warms my heart. Lets just say, I truly love this family from the bottom of my heart.

Olivia is in the making of becoming a photographer herself, this girl knows what she is doing. She has poses and will make sure you look good doing it. And we even got our little duck friend to pose for us while we got some great family photos. This little gal will move mountains one day, I know the fire in her soul inspires me.

This family is full of so much life and you can see it through these images how much they love each other. Check out their photos that took place at Japanese Gardens and McKennon Park in Sioux Falls,SD

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